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Master Expanding Your Mind

Master Expanding Your Mind


Just like our bodies need exercise, our minds need exercise as well.

If we do the same things with our minds every day, they become bored and listless.

We need to expand our minds by offering ourselves the opportunity to meditate.

Learning and doing new things can help us to expand our minds.

Playing games designed for cognitive agility and awareness can assist us as we expand our minds.

Talking to others with different cultures, lifestyles, and interests can make our minds wake up and take notice.

If you change your thought patterns, you can change your life.

Reading, exploring, and researching can bring us into contact with unusual ideas for us to ponder.

These ideas may challenge our current beliefs and change the way we think.

Breaking everyday habits can expand our minds because we'll come into contact with new ideas that stimulate our minds to think in different ways.

Connecting unrelated things together can be a creative exercise in expanding our minds.

As you expand your way of thinking, you'll attract new opportunities and people into your life. Your ability to use your intuition will improve.

This subliminal audio contains messages designed to help you stretch your thinking in new ways.

Purchase this audio today and train your subconscious to help you expand your mind for greater health, wealth, and wisdom.

Script Used In This Audio

I can expand my mind.
Everyone assists me as I expand my mind.
I meet people who help me expand my mind.
I act to expand my mind.
I expand my mind.
I expand my mind forever.
Every day I expand my mind.
My physical body expands my mind.
My emotions expand my mind.
I am constantly expanding my mind.
I am constantly expanding my mind forever.
I expand my mind in my social life.
I expand my mind as I help people.
I expand my mind at work.
I expand my mind at home.
I expand my mind in success.
I expand my mind at all times.
I enjoy expanding my mind.
Every day I expand my mind easily.
I expand my mind forever.

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